UK manufacture; worldwide supply.

FPE Global is a UK based, world-wide supplier of turnkey powder processing systems.

At our complex in Stockport in Cheshire, we design and manufacture a wide and comprehensive range of dry materials handling systems. These systems often incorporate products that we manufacture ourselves including lean and dense phase pneumatic conveyor system components and mechanical conveying systems which use our own screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators and bin activators. Also, we are the manufacturers of the Flomat Bagfilla range of FIBC filling and discharging machines.

Successful system supply is about understanding how the product that you need to convey behaves under all the different conditions and circumstances. Our own in-house design department is staffed by qualified engineers. Our Project Managers are qualified engineers – not simply sales staff with experience. At our test plant, we can carry out laboratory scale and full scale material tests to ensure that the system exceeds your specifications. So when you contact us, you can be absolutely assured that the people who you speak to will know what they are talking about.

Over the past few years we have successfully supplied partial or complete, turnkey systems to major corporations at home and abroad in the food, chemical, plastics, mineral and pharmaceutical industries. We have rebuilt a fire damaged sugar refinery, supplied systems that remove harmful dust from bio-mass and designed systems to deliver farmyard waste into burners for power generation. We have also supplied ship discharge systems to handle sugar and fertilizer together with many innovative systems for handling chemicals, cement and food products. Should you choose FPE Global as your system partner you can rest assured that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands.

Powder Processing Solutions

FPE Global design and manufacture many powder processing solutions from concept to completion, each powder processing solution is bespoke to the task whether it is handling powdered substances or processing bulk materials into powders, FPE Global engineers have wide ranging experience. In fact FPE Global has designed unique and safe powder handling systems internationally for food, chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Powder Handling systems

When handling and processing bulk materials you could be using large pellets or fine powders substances may flow freely or not at all, we have worked with all densities, composites and quantities of bulk and whether you need it to be weighed, discharged, separated or handled in any other way FPE Global engineers have experience and the creativity to come up with the best bespoke powder handling system for the process.

Sugar Handling Systems

One of the most common powder and dust composites we come across in the food industry is sugar. This is because sugar handling systems need to be used for many different food processing as a sweetener. But powdered sugar is potentially a dangerous substance to transport and handle. Sugar Handling systems need to be designed uniquely to fit in with the surroundings, take into account a risk assessment of any naked flames or heat, as sugar powder is a highly flammable and often explosive substance it is also important to avoid excessive heat to prevent caramelisation, as well as a sugar handling system that completes the task. FPE Global has worked within the food industry to design and manufacture the safest and most efficient sugar handling systems.

FIBC Handling Equipment

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, commonly known as FIBC’s are widely used throughout the processing industries and can be easily pallet mounted for ease of transportation. FIBC handling equipment is designed specifically for the purpose and the industry. FPE Global – through its Flomat Bagfilla International subsidiary – can design equipment specifically to fill or discharge FIBC’s quickly and efficiently.

Screw Conveyors

As a screw conveyor is part of the foundations of a process system it stands to reason that screw conveyors will be used to handle many different materials and it is here where our policy of only manufacturing to order pays dividends. A screw conveyor supplied to handle materials such as sand, cement and ash will be manufactured from carbon steel to keep wear to a minimum. Similarly, a screw conveyor that will handle food stuffs such as rice or sugar will be supplied in stainless steel. For low-wear materials such as plastic granules and certain powdered chemicals a mild or low carbon steel screw conveyor will be specified.

Belt Conveyors

While we do manufacture belt conveyors on a bespoke, made to order basis this is an incredibly time consuming and expensive process; particularly with a belt conveyor that can be several kilometres in length. With this in mind, we recently launched a modular system which has already proven a huge success and has been instrumental in bringing in two major sugar handling projects ahead of schedule.

With the modular system, all the major components in all the regularly ordered sizes have been manufactured in advance. This means that we have been able to shave up to 50% off the time necessary to manufacture a bespoke belt conveyor with all the added benefits of economy and speed of installation. When an order is placed we simply pull the components from stock, paint and assemble in 12 metre sections – the length of a shipping container or conventional flat- bed trailer. Where extra-long conveyors are being supplied, we will assemble on site.

Pneumatic Conveying

Mechanical and Pneumatic conveying machinery is often at the heart of many bulk handling systems, with the capabilities to transport free flowing and non free flowing materials in any direction a pneumatic conveyor system is often a vital component. Pneumatic conveyors can use a vacuum suction with guarantees no dust can escape this is vital when transporting bulk powders some of which could be a health and safety risk if they are exposed.

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