FPE Global incorporates the following brands:


Flomat Bulk Bag Handling

Flomat Bagfilla International was established over 30 years ago, and is focused on developing bulk bag filling and discharging equipment to assure the safe and efficientuse of bulk bags / FIBCs.

Since then, our range of FLOMAT FIBC equipment and accessories has been the subject of continuous development.

Over three decades of developing our expertise, Flomat Bagfilla has gone from being the pioneer of the technology to the market leader, as we continue to manufacture the most comprehensive range available.


Pneumatic conveying equipment

Being able to draw on the wealth of experience gained by acquiring and developing NEU Engineering Ltd, FPE Global are able to offer an unparalleled range of pneumatic conveying technologies.

In addition to lean and dense phase systems, that can be configured as either positive or negative pressure, we are also able to provide bespoke systems such as closed loop nitrogen conveying, used for hazardous materials or applications where oxidation of the material must be avoided.



Jadal Bin Activator

A unique and patented product from FPE Global, the Jadal Bin Activator effectively reduces bulk storage silos to improve efficiency within your system processes.



FPE Global is committed to providing flexible solutions wherever possible, we created the Aeromaster range of aero-mechanical conveying systems to do just this.

Image JW Process Engineering

FPE Mixing Technologies

Customers in the UK and overseas now benefit from a wider product range and expert knowledge in a variety of industrial mixing applications.

JW Process Engineering is an expert in Industrial Mixing Technologies, with over 140 years experience in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial mixers, blenders and processing kettles.

FPE Global’s industry leading UK Test Facility and 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility has been further strengthened to offer full scale materials handling and mixing capabilities for use by its rapidly growing customer base.

Industrial mixing equipment is available in sizes from 1 – 8000 litres and includes; U Trough Ribbon Mixers, Z Blade Mixers, Double Cone Blenders, High Speed Paddle or Plough Blade Mixers and Processing Kettles.

You can download our full FPE Global Industrial Mixing Technologies brochure here


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