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As we further our commitment to producing high quality products and solutions for our international customer base, FPE Global has developed a 30,000 sq ft Test Facility and global manufacturing operation.

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Test Facility Brochure – English version

Test Facility Brochure – Chinese version

Area of Specialisation

FPE Global’s Test Centre is a state of the art materials handling testing facility designed and built with the sole purpose of helping our customers reduce risk with capital investments associated with their materials handling infrastructure. Located at our UK based headquarters, close to Manchester Airport, FPE Global’s Test Centre includes a variety of materials handling technologies, including a multi-phase 500m pneumatic conveying system – the only one of its kind in the UK.

The test facility covers 3,500 sq ft, one of the largest and most advanced in the country. It has evolved to include all aspects of materials handling requirements across multiple industry sectors and plays a leading role in helping FPE Global and our Customers identify new and innovative solutions to conquer ever increasing production challenges.

Tests are conducted with our customers in order to identify operating parameters to achieve the required performance as well as defining the correct technical solution to meet exacting requirements of the project. These tests include particle size analysis, moisture content analysis, bulk density measurement, angle of repose and slip measurement, fluidisation tests and flow evaluations, all geared toward specifying a solution that meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations.

To guarantee maximum efficiency and ROI, we work closely with our customers throughout the testing process. The outputs from all tests are presented in a detailed report, providing customers with specific advice and recommendations regarding equipment design and specification. This allows us to scale up with great confidence when designing larger systems.

Unique Capabilities for our Customers

As we further our commitment to producing world-class solutions to our international customer base, FPE Global’s Test Centre helps to keep us ahead of ever increasing and diverse industry challenges.

De-Risking capital investments through full scale Materials Handling testing:

  • Testing a variety of mixing applications
  • Full scale materials handling and mixing capabilities
  • Identify materials handling requirements & constraints
  • Material flow and discharge capability
  •  System/process interface design requirements
  •  Throughput and production capacity

Full scale materials handling installation, including:

• Pneumatic conveying (lean, dense, vacuum, blowing)
• FIBC handling systems
• Full Range of Mechanical Handling Technology

Our Test Centre includes the following technology available for materials handling testing:

• Lean phase pneumatic conveying – both positive and negative pressure
• Dense phase conveying – discontinuous and continuous systems
• Plug suction conveying for batch transfer
• Neuphase low velocity pneumatic conveying (blowtank systems)
• Variflow low velocity pneumatic conveying (rotary valve systems)
• Airslide conveying
• Dry powder direct conveying to liquid mixing vessels
• Screw conveyors
• En-masse chain conveyors
• FIBC discharging
• FIBC filling
• Aero-mechanical conveying

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