Complete Material Handling Systems

The creation of a complete material handling system can be a daunting challenge, which is why we incorporate weighing, cleaning, conditioning, stock control and other services to make sure your new system works for you.


Whether a business is creating a complete material handling system, or improving its existing one, there are a number of challenges to consider.

Businesses need to consider fitting a new system around existing equipment, avoiding blockages and maintaining a continuous flow in production, all the while assuring safe transportation for all materials, ranging from the fragile to the volatile.

The FPE Global approach to creating material handling systems is simple: we invest in design so that the system can be installed and maintained with minimal disruption to your operations.

We consider the materials, processes, transfer rates, costs and distances involved, to create systems that maximise efficiency.


The journey to efficient material handling starts at our specialist production facility in Stockport, UK.

Here, our specialist team tests the materials, knowing that even slightest change to the particle size or make up of a material can alter the way it responds and can make a critical difference to the efficiency of transport.


Our engineering experts then conduct a visit to analyse the layout of your site.

We identify your exact requirements and map out the most effective transport route, designing a system that is fast, safe and provides maximum ROI.


Once the planning phases are complete, our team begins designing an efficient system for your business.

Complete Material Handling Systems services:

  • Production of pneumatic or mechanical intake and storage systems for your raw ingredients as they enter your site
  • Weighing, cleaning and conditioning of the materials
  • The provision of new, or interconnecting with existing, stock control systems
  • Delivery of bulk materials to your process from intake storage
  • Integration of sub process steps (dosing, weighing, mixing and size classification)
  • Delivery of fully automated batch and continuous ingredient handling

Whatever your process, FPE Global can provide the systems to make it work better. Contact us today to start your journey towards a complete material handling solution.


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