Mechanical Handling Equipment

The key to a good material handling system is choosing the right type of equipment for each stage of your process.


Whether your process involves large volumes, long transfer distances or even potentially hazardous materials, FPE Global can make sure your materials are moving efficiently and safely.

Our expert team can provide the guidance and create the systems to fit with your business needs, with the following values:

  • Equipment designed to suit your specific industry or process.
  • Special attention paid to interfaces with upstream and down stream processes.
  • Maximise return on investment (ROI)
  • Equipment and systems that provide the most cost effective solution to your application.
  • Research inventive solutions for installations with restricted space or headroom.


Screw Conveyors


FPE Global is a world leader in the manufacture of screw conveyors. We take pride in designing a range of products to serve our customers varied applications.




Screw conveyors are durable and low maintenance, adding value to materials handling systems in a wide variety of industries.

 At FPE Global, our engineers can advise you on all aspects of the design to make sure we manufacture the right screw conveyor for your needs, either as a one off item or part of a larger system.



You may know them by one of their other names: helix conveyors, spiral conveyors, or auger conveyors, but whatever the name, there is no doubting their contribution to material handling systems.

Screw conveyors use a flighting (a rotating spiral blade) to move materials along a tube. The volume of material transported can be adjusted by changing the rate of rotation of the shaft and the angle of the conveyor.

We can also alter the screw mechanism to use a ribbon flighting if your product is damp or glutinous, a more effective approach to conveying these types of product than standard flighting.



Every FPE Global screw conveyor is designed and supplied to suit your unique requirement. We don’t build for stock, so there is no need to compromise on your bespoke product.

Our state of the art UK manufacturing facility assures complete flexibility in the manufacturing of screw conveyors. We have the capability to build screw conveyors from 100mm diameter to 1,000mm diameter, and can create systems that offer conveying rates from 250kg/hour to 400tonnes/hour.

Our engineers will also be able to advise you on the right drive and gearbox configurations depending on the needs of the system.



As all of our systems are bespoke, our engineering team will be able to provide you with more detailed information for your specific system. For an overview of the systems available, please see the table below.

 Our conveyors can include in either tubular design – horizontal or inclined; or trough design with removable cover plates. They also have the following standard features:

ü  Live hopper bottom discharge, twin scroll configuration ü  Packed gland seal arrangement
ü  Full or partial pitch continuous flighting ü  Intermediate bearings where required
ü  Square inlets and outlets ü  Rotation sensor
ü  Fixed or quick release access covers ü  Shaft mounted geared drive


We are also able to provide the following optional features depending on your individual needs:

+     Potentially explosive atmosphere (ATEX) compliance +     Crescent or Paddle blade assembly
+     Variable pitch flighting +     Air Purge seal assemblies
+     Inclined or vertical orientation +     Wear liners for abrasive applications
+     Integral feed hopper +     Multiple inlet and/or outlets
+     Chain or belt drive +     Outlet blockage sensor
+     Inlet and outlet isolation valves +     Water cooled jacketed casing

Bucket Elevators


Bucket elevators are an important part of our business and are an efficient and economical means of vertically raising bulk material.



We manufacture belt and bucket or chain and bucket elevators specifically to individual customer requirements, products and environments, in either mild or 316 grade stainless steel.

Conveying rates are, of course, dependent on customer requirements. We have delivered bucket elevators which we have designed to handle as little as 25 tonnes per hour and others that will comfortably handle over 800 tonnes of material per hour, over conveying heights from five metres to 50 metres.

If required, we can supply bucket elevators that conform to the latest ATEX regulations.

Belt Conveyors


FPE Global has helped companies all over the world keep their operations moving with our selection of bespoke belt conveyors, either as a single item or as part of a system.

Belt conveyors remain one of the most effective and reliable methods to transport materials from stage to stage throughout a manufacturing or warehousing and delivery process.



We have developed two distinct approaches to belt conveyors:

  • Modular design belt conveyors: these modular pieces can be combined together to make any length of conveyor. We have modular pieces in stock at all times which makes for easy transport and installation.
  • Bespoke belt conveyors: we can design a conveyor for your specific needs, no matter how challenging the space or unusual the load.



Belt conveyors use a pulley system wrapped in a looping belt of material. The pulleys move the belt and transport material along the length of the conveyor. The design and construction of the pulleys and belt affect the speed and weight/size of materials that can be carried.



FPE Global’s expert team specialises in designing and locating belt conveyors. We use our industry knowledge to create bespoke belt conveyors for some of the most challenging environments on earth.

How we do it:

  • We take time to assess the materials and route carefully to make sure that we create the most efficient and durable system possible.
  • We supply belt widths from 400mm to 1500mm with conveying rates of up to 1,000 tonnes per hour.
  • We provide a variety of top covers for belts, depending on your material needs.
  • We build your conveyor in mild steel, stainless steel or a combination and can be create the product to comply with any potentially explosive atmosphere (ATEX zone) requirements.



Our modular design allows you to combine set lengths together to create any total length of conveyor. The modular system is extremely flexible, with no limit to the convey distance. The modular system can reduce transport costs, as the modules are smaller to deliver and can be combined easily on site.



If your circumstances require something tailored to your individual operations, our team can talk you through all of the options and help you create a belt conveyor system that delivers what your company needs.

Our bespoke conveyors can be built for any environment and deliver a great return on investment (ROI) because of their efficiency and durability.

Jadal Bin Activator


A unique and patented product from FPE Global, the Jadal Bin Activator effectively reduces bulk storage silos to improve efficiency within your system processes.



FPE Global’s Jadal Bin Activator is designed to be fitted to the outlet cones of bulk storage silos and vessels and, as it is flat bottomed, reduces the height of any silo that it is fixed to.

The Jadal also provides a maximum of six multiple outlets, which can all operate simultaneously, making the Jadal ideal for when a number of production lines need to be fed from a single silo. In this instance, the Jadal takes the place of a distribution hub, saving significant space and cost.

The Jadal has no internal moving parts; just the combination of a radial vibrating motion and an internal inverted head cone, which promotes mass flow through the vessel.



FPE Global is committed to providing flexible solutions wherever possible. That is why we offer the Aeromaster range of aero-mechanical conveying systems.



At FPE Global, delivering the best material handling systems for our customers means being innovative in the situations where a fixed, permanent conveyor isn’t possible or practical.

This is why we tailor the Aeromaster, our unique range of aero-mechanical conveying systems, to your needs. You can choose between fabricated carbon steel or 316 stainless steel housings, as well as any of the disc options below:

  • Polypropylene discs (for non-abrasive products)
  • Polyurethane discs (for abrasive products)
  • Sentaprene discs (for high temperature products) available.

With the units available as fixed or mobile, the Aeromaster offers unbelievable versatility. The Aeromaster system impresses with its efficient material handling, but it’s the flexibility of the system that guarantees the competitive edge for your production process.



Aeromaster conveyors are enclosed tubular mobile conveyors. They use a series of discs and pockets of air to move materials through the tubes using aero-mechanical principles. 

The FPE Global Aeromaster conveyor consists of two parallel tubes with sprocket wheels at each end of the tubes. Wear-resistant plastic discs are spaced equally along an endless wire rope, which is driven by the sprocket wheels up one tube and down the other.

A motor drives the lower sprocket at high speed and it is this that forms an air pocket behind each disc. The product is contained in, and conveyed by, each air pocket, meaning there is very little product degradation as it is kept clear of the walls of the tubes.



  • The Aeromaster works anywhere with the same high efficiency, conveying a huge variety of materials with densities from 80kg/cm to 2000kg/cm
  • The product is ideal for handling difficult powders and granules. Wet, dry, sticky, abrasive, free or poor flowing products can all be successfully handled using an Aeromaster system
  • Its enclosed conveying minimises dust emissions
  • Its air pockets keep materials away from the tube walls, minimising friction, wear, degradation and lining. This ensures your Aeromaster will be durable and deliver your product in premium condition.

The unit can operate vertical or at any angle which is a great advantage when space is a problem. It also has the option of top or bottom drive which makes it extremely adaptable.  With three tube diameters available – 75mm, 100mm and 130mm, the Aeromaster conveyor give you ultimate control and flexibility.


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